Sponsorship, Advertising
& Sales at the Congress

Our Sponsorship, Advertising and Sales Program can benefit individuals and businesses, while allowing you to support a good cause.


Benefits include:

  • All donations should be tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for details.
  • Businesses can market their message to a coveted consumer demographic: persons aged 18-55 years of age, 52% of whom are expected to be women and a group with an average household income of $150,000.
  • Businesses who wish to advertise have three ways of conveying their message: the Congress Souvenir Program Book, the Congress Website and Signage or Stalls at the Congress.


Advertising & Sales

Make A Pledge

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Be a Patron Conductor

The Congress is pleased to showcase a performance by the World Zoroastrian Symphony Orchestra.  If you are a Zoroastrian musician and would like to play in the Orchestra, please contact us today!


Please donate to support this endeavor.  Your donation may afford you the opportunity to be a patron conductor of the orchestra!

WZSO Fundraiser

Online Art Auction

Individuals who wish to support the Congress may avail themselves of the Congress’ online auction.


Soon, the Congress’ online store will be auctioning prints by famed Zoroastrian artist Jimmy Engineer.  These prints will be autographed by the artist at the Congress.

Auction Listings Coming Soon