Mobed Shahzadi Illuminates Zoroastrianism for Followers at the Congress

FariborzShahzadi.jpg“Many Zoroastrians know our rituals, wear religious symbols and pray.  But over time they have forgotten the meaning and significance of these things,” says Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi, who will give a presentation entitled Zoroastrianism 101: At Least 20 Basic Things We SHOULD Know, But May Not….. at the Congress. 

The Congress is pleased to present Mobed Shahzadi as a speaker on this subject especially since his goal is to “re-educate Zoroastrians – one person at a time.”  During his presentation, Mobed Shahzadi will try to explain the meaning and significance of many prayers, the significance of the sedreh and koshti and how they are made, the importance of the Gathas, and the significance of the Gahambars and the Amesha Spentas.

Mobed Shahzadi was born in Nasik, India to Iranian-Zartoshti parents, married an Iranian Zartoshti lady and lived in Iran from 1972-78. He immigrated to the USA before the Khomeini revolution and currently lives in Southern California. He has two sons who were born in Iran and lived there for several years.

Mobed Shahzadi has had his religious education and training in Mumbai, India and has completed both his Navar and Maratab. He is an active Mobed available to both the Iranian and Parsi community in USA/Canada.  He also conducts religious classes and seminars at many places, including ZAC and CZC in Southern California.

He has authored many books on Zartoshti ceremonies, prayers and education. His textbook “The Zarathushti Religion : A Basic Text – 1998″ and the English – Persian Khordeh Avesta are used in libraries and Centers throughout the Iranian and Parsee communities.

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