Fariborz Rahnamoon on The Gathas

MC RahnamoonThe Congress Committee is pleased to announce that Fariborz Rahnamoon will address the Congress in a presentation entitled The Gathas: A Beacon in the 21st Century.  

Mr. Rahnamoon was born in Yazd, and raised and educated in Bombay.  He has lived in Iran and Australia, and now, is settled in Vancouver, Canada.  Mr. Rahnamoon is the editor of “Iran Zamin”, a bilingual research magazine on ancient Iranian history and religion, and webmaster of www.ancientiran.com.

Over 40 years of research has provided Mr. Rahnamoon a unique perspective on Zarathushti religion and history.  He opines that our Zarathushti history, which has come down to us, has been written by our adversaries over the last 2000 years. Western scholars who laid the foundation of the translated Gathas have led us astray. Mr. Rahnamoon’s findings and views are available on his website www.ancientiran.com.

Mr. Rahnamoon is the President of the Zoroastrian Society of British Columbia (ZSBC), the Chair Person of Arbab Rostam Guiv Trust – Vancouver, Director of WZCC and Founder & Chapter Chair of WZCC-BC.

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