Delegates can expect dynamic speakers: experts and laymen, who will provide much food for thought with lectures and interactive panel discussions on various topics related to our religion, history, culture and contemporary existence. The use of technology will facilitate the immediate exchange of ideas and opinions from the audience.

Social & Entertainment

Delegates will be treated to a red carpet experience as only Los Angeles can offer.  Evening galas will showcase talented amateur and professional Zoroastrians entertainers. In addition, the Congress is excited to showcase a special performance by the World Zoroastrian Symphony Orchestra. Social events over the three nights of the Congress will reflect the entertainment style and social traditions of the cultures that have nurtured Zoroastrianism for ages: Persian, Indian and American.

An extraordinary Gala Event is planned for New Year’s Eve.


There will be several sessions aimed at addressing matters of interest to young Zarathushtis. For the first time, the Congress will offer a “Teen Track” which will consist of interactive sessions, and engage teens in learning about their religion and culture using the tools and technology prevalent in their lives. We encourage youth and teen delegates to bring their laptops or tablets and/or smartphones to their hands on, interactive workshop style sessions.

An important goal of the Congress is to facilitate friendships among Zoroastrian youth in North America. To that end, we will offer events prior to the start of the Congress to optimize the time you can spend with friends new and old, in addition to the social events that are scheduled during the Congress.

For information about the Congress’ Poster Session, click here.


To facilitate the attendance of parents of young children, and provide value for the registration of children, the Congress will offer babysitting for children under the age of 5 years. Volunteers from the community will care for children in this age group and guide them through numerous playful activities that will keep them occupied and well entertained while their parents attend Congress sessions.

A religious education program for children aged 5-12 years will also be offered. Details of the program will be decided based on the number of children in attendance, so be sure to register early. The mini-Congress will, therefore, allow children to learn about their religion and culture in an age appropriate and pleasurable manner, while allowing parents to enjoy adult Congress sessions that are of interest to them. All materials for the mini-Congress will be provided as part of the children’s registration fees.

For information about the Congress’ Poster Session, click here.


Kaikobad to Lead Children’s Program

We are pleased to announce that the Children’s Program (for ages 5-12 years) will be designed and led by one of our best religious studies teachers: Vehishta Kaikobad of Houston. Ms. Kaikobad has taught “Sunday School” since the 1980s. The program will engage the children in learning about their religion and culture by allowing them to participate in various age appropriate activities.