Dr. May to Address Healthy Diets at the Congress

ArmaitiBuddy_516x300Dr. Armaiti May will speak on Healthy Vegetarian Living at the Congress.  “In our Zoroastrian teachings, kindness to animals is embodied by a recognition that during the month of Bahman, Zoroastrians are called upon to abstain from flesh foods. In my talk I will discuss why Vegetarianism and Zoroastrianism go hand in hand during all months of the year, including the human health and environmental effects of our dietary choices,” says Dr. May.

Armaiti May was born and raised in Santa Monica where she had her navjote following a pilgrimage to India with her mother, grandmother and brother to visit Zoroastrian sacred sites including the fire temples. She graduated with a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree from UC Davis School of Veterinary Medicine in 2005 and has been a practicing house call veterinarian in the Los Angeles area since 2007, providing a wide range of veterinary care services including acupuncture to dogs and cats. She is also an animal advocate, member
of Vegan Toastmasters and organizer of an animal rights meetup group, United Animal Advocates of LA (www.uaala.org). She has also volunteered on several veterinary service trips providing spay/neuter
and deworming services to low income communities in the US and abroad.

Since October 2012 she has hosted an internet radio show entitled Animal Issues with Dr. Armaiti May which has podcasts archived at www.veganvet.net.

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