Natural, Integrative and Functional Medicine at the Congress

Parmis Khatibi“Let’s have a healthy and robust conversation about the science and art of whole-person healing!” says Dr. Parmis Khatibi, moderator of the Congress’ panel on Holistic Health.  “You probably have a sense of what Natural medicine is – herbs, supplements, stress reduction.  Integrative comes into play because most sick people are on one or more conventional drugs so we “integrate” care.  We also “integrate” your body, mind, and spirit when addressing your health conditions.  Functional Medicine is looking at health and disease as one big system, not individual parts.  All systems affect each other (digestion, thyroid, immune, neurological, etc.).  Come engage with our panelists and attain education, information and support that you need to begin maximizing your health and well-being!”

This session is designed to be an interactive informative experience that is helpful to our delegates.

Dr. Khatibi’s panel includes: Dr. Farhad Contractor on Breast Cancer; Dr. Nikan Khatibi on 5 Habits that Will Change Your Life; Dr. Ali Makki on Migranes and Pain Prevention; Dr. Cyrus Mody on neurological issues like Alzheimer’s; Dr. Freny Mody on cardiology; and Dr. Namiranian on dental health.

Come hear these informative and relevant sessions at the Congress!  Register now, while Early Bird Discounts are still in effect!