For the Record…

The XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress was held in Los Angeles in December 2014.  The Congress presented it’s approximately 800 delegates with a wide variety of sessions aimed at starting a conversation among Zoroastrians in North America about the issues that matter to them.

With the consent of our speakers, we are pleased to share with you videos of many sessions presented during this tremendous three day celebration of Zoroastrian religion, culture and history.

Video Recordings: Day 1

Khushali-nu Jashan

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Opening Ceremony

Keynote Welcome
Nadir Godrej

Keynote Address:
Follow Your Dreams and Passions

Parisa Khosravi

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Generational Perspectives on Issues of the Day
Moderator: Farzin Avari
Panelists: Autusa Behroozi, Homi Gandhi, Poruz Khambatta, Jamshed Rivetna, and Nazneen Shroff

Venture Philanthropy: An Investment Approach for Public Benefit
Fariborz Maseeh

Zoroastrianism and the Next Generation
Zane Dalal

Across the Arabian Sea. . . .
But for the Faith and Unity

Mobed Parvez M. Bajan

Shahnameh: Myth or Fact?
Shahin Nezhad

Dinsha Mistree

The State of the Online Zarathushti
Arzan Sam Wadia

Teaching Zoroastrianism Workshop: Teaching the 21st Century Learner - New Curricula, New Techniques
Daraius Bharucha

Zoroastrianism 101: At Least 20 Basic Things We SHOULD Know, But May Not...
Mobed Fariborz Shahzadi

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An Evening in Persia
(Entertainment Program featuring Women of Persia and In Concert with Mima Goodarz)

Video Recordings: Day 2

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The World Zoroastrian Organization: My Journey with Them
Darayus S. Motivala

History of Zoroastrians through Political Analysis and Historical Letters
Daryoush Jahanian

Zarathushtis: Days of Future Past
Ardeshir Behi and Rastin Mehri

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Khorshed Jungalwala Memorial Lecture
Living the Good Religion among Others: Cosmopolitan Zoroastrian Thought from the Middle Ages to Modernity
Daniel Sheffield

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Yin and Yang of Zoroastrian Thought
Moderator: Khushroo Lakdawala
Panelists: Ardeshir Anoshiravani, Behram Deboo, Kaemerz Dotiwala, Farhad Sidhwa

Navigating Zoroastrian Parenthood - Raising Children in North America
Moderator: Trity Pourbahrami
Panelists: Natalie Gandhi, Fereshteh Mazdyasni and Shahram Sohrab

How to Create Wealth for Yourself
Moderator: Kavasji Dadachanji
Panelists: Tehemtan Arjani, Alayar Dabestani, Arda-e-viraf Minocherhomjee

The Achievements and Challenges of Young Mobeds in North America
Houtoxi F. Contractor and Ervad Soli P. Dastur.
Panelists: Ervad Bahrom Firozgary, Ervad Zerkxis Bhandara, Ervad Burzin Balsara, Ervad Rayomand Ravji, Ervad Rayomand Katrak

Interfaith: Our Presence on the World Stage
Mobedyar Maneck Bhujwala

Significance of the Jashan Ceremony
Mobed Zarrir Bhandara

Healthy Vegetarian Living
Armaiti May

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Young Adults Session:
Break Ya Ice!

Khush Italia

World Zoroastrian Symphony Orchestra
Adil Mehta

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Majah Masti, Maxiumum Mischief!
Various Artists

Video Recordings: Day 3

The Gathas: A Beacon in the 21st Century
Fariborz Rahnamoon

Wisdom from the Ancients in the Age of the Moderns
Yuhan Vevaina

Zarathushtra's Vision of Environmental Preservation and its Relevance Today: Earth, Water, Fire and Wind
Soroosh Sorooshian

Zoroastrians Following a Non-Traditional Career Path
Moderator: Samanaz Kapadia
Panelists: Kuma Deboo and Neda Iranpour

A Story from Shahnameh, The Persian Book of Kings
Afshin Sepehri and Nusha Sepehri

Global Community Connect.....The Internet Way
Yazdi Tantra

Using Archaeology and Linguistics to Determine the Time and Location of the Prophet Zarathushtra
Pilsum Master

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Young Adults Session: Reflections: If I Only Knew...
Khush Italia

FEZANA: The Way Forward… Nurturing Zoroastrianism in North America
Katayun Kapadia, FEZANA President

Retrospective of the Congress Proceedings Navroz Gandhi

New Zealand Youth Congress 2015 Presentation Malcolm Bhot

Return To Roots
Diana Vania and Arzan Sam Wadia

Closing Ceremony & Passing the Torch to the XVIII NAZC