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The Stuff of Legends at the Congress!

Gordafarid-SohrabWe are excited to host Ferdowsi’s Shahnameh, an awe-inspiring exhibition curated by our very own Silloo Mehta!   The exhibition will include hand crafted 3D models, exhibits from Iran, paintings and pictures.

The Shahnameh is the Crown Jewel of Persian Literature.  It celebrates the survival of a civilization that originated some 7,000 years ago and withstood countless invasions, absorbed diverse influences, and conquered its conquerors by virtue of its timeless values.  The enduring appeal of the Shahnameh points to a core of meaning – the eternal strife between good and evil – that transcends specific time and place and is an article of faith for Zoroastrians.

Commentary by dedicated students of this great work will bring to life the legends of the Shahnameh at the exhibition.  In addition, Shahnameh enthusiasts will enjoy hearing Shahin Nezhad’s presentation entitled Shahnameh: Myth or Fact?
And, for an authentic interaction with this great epic, be sure to attend a unique presentation by Afshin Sepehri and his 10-year old daughter, Nusha, the producers of an audio book called The Stories of the Shahnameh, who will regale audiences with recitation of the timeless poetry in English.

The Mini-Congress will also introduce your children to the Shahnameh through stories, arts and crafts and games.  And you can interact with this exciting topic by participating in our Poster Session!

Come and immerse yourself in a glorious piece of your ancestral heritage…. see the stuff of legends at the Congress!
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