Do you know the significance of a Jashan? Find out at the Congress!

Zarrir F. BhandaraWe go to jashans often.  But do we truly understand the significance of the ritual?

At the Congress, Mobed Zarrir Bhandara will lead a Khushali Nu Jashan on the first day.  He will also give a talk entitled The Significance of the Jashan Ceremony, in which he will explain the ritual and its application and impact.  “In this ritual,  faith and unity are best exemplified as a unique synergy that is created with Ahura Mazda’s entire creation,” says Mobed Bhandara.

Sensei Mobed Zarrir Bhandara is a priest who also happens to be a 4th degree Karate Black Belt of international repute and has donated his blood, plasma and platelets over 200 times.  He has been serving the Zarthushti community of North America and India for the last 41 years.  Ordained Navar and Maratab, Mobed Bhandara has also completed an advanced 4-year priestly training course conducted by the Athravan Educational Trust under the able leadership of our High Priest Dasturji Dr. Firoze M. Kotwal.  He was the recipient of the Best Student Award for the entire 4 years course. He has performed well over 1100 funeral ceremonies in his 41-years of priestly practice.

Mobed Bhandara conducts religious classes at the California Zoroastrian Center (CZC) for the spiritual training of our Southern California Zarathushti children. He has trained numerous young aspirants for their Navjote, Navar and Maratab ceremonies and represented our Zarathushti faith at interfaith meetings.  Mobed Bhandara has kept our traditions alive by performing the Muktad Ceremony for the past 23 years. In 2013, he was the recipient of the “Jewel of the Community Award” through Zoroastrian Children’s Day Organization.

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