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Our Theme: Faith and Unity

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The theme of the XVII North American Zoroastrian Congress is Faith and Unity.

Los Angeles is home to three FEZANA associations:  the Zoroastrian Association of California, the California Zoroastrian Center, and the Traditional Mazdayasni Zarathushti Anjuman.  And near by is the very active San Diego Zoroastrian Community, a FEZANA Corresponding Member.

While the Congress is hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of California, in coordination with the California Zoroastrian Center, volunteers from all four FEZANA members have played an active role in organizing this Congress.  In addition, FEZANA associations across North America have stepped up to support the Congress.

The result is a very well-balanced, engaging program born out of a united commitment to our community and our Congress.

Join us in December to see the power of Faith and Unity first hand!